It's finally here.
The Q400 First Officer Training Program is now available! View trailer

REAL airline pilots teach you to fly!

We’re a team of real world airline pilots, graphics and motion designers, web guys and flight simulator fanboys who together produce award-winning HD video tutorials for add-on aircraft within Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Prepard3D, such as the Majestic Dash 8 Q400, the FlightSimLabs A320 and the PMDG 777, 737 NGX and the 747-400v2.

The difference between us and the free stuff you’ll find on Youtube is that our pilot programs are designed by, filmed with and taught by REAL airline pilots. If you hate boring manuals and just want to get you up in the air as quickly as possible, then look no further. No longer will you have to wade through a massive user guide, scan help forums for tips or search through YouTube for a decent tutorial just to start those engines. With their thousands of hours of real airline experience, multi-million dollar training and yearly simulator check rides our pilot team are the only source you should rely on for your pilot training.

All of our HD tutorials are available to purchase and download in full 1080p HD to keep forever. Every HD tutorial is presented by one of our simulator geeks and one of our real airline pilot team. Our simulator geek does the flying (yes, we know, strap in), with the real airline pilot sitting alongside coaching them along the way as to how it’s done in real life. It it happens on a regular flight, it’ll happen in our HD tutorial. There is simply no better way to learn to fly the big iron in Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D.

You’ve spent money on amazing scenery. You’ve bought the best add-on aircraft ever made. You’ve got the skies looking great with add-on weather. Now the only thing left is to learn how to fly like a REAL PILOT. The only way to do that is to taught by a REAL PILOT. Our tutorials cost as little as $24.99 so call for push and start and join the Airline2Sim pilot program today!