• Available April 2014- part 1 of 3

  • Fully downloadable 720p or 1080p video files, compatible with all major media players on Windows and OSX, PC and mobile devices.

  • Almost 10 hours of tuition from a real world rated Dash 8 Q400 pilot

  • Flight deck orientation

  • Initial base training at East Midlands Airport, England

  • Take off and landing tutorial

  • Introduction to autoflight Systems

  • Performance calculations

  • Learn REAL airline procedures

  • Three real time line flights from gate to gate

  • Realistic turnaround procedures

  • ILS and LOC DME approach tutorial

  • Short runway operations

  • Real checklists and flows

  • STARS, SIDS, approach and ground chart briefings

Real time line flights realistically flown between London Gatwick, Guernsey, Birmingham International and Isle of Man airports in the UK, based on full airline operations.

Our Q400 Cadet Pilot training program will be available soon!