A change of scenery....

Plenty of you have been asking me which sceneries we used in our Airbus Cadet Training Program - indeed there are tons of them and as our release schedule progresses, they are growing all the time. 

First up from Episode One where we meet James our training pilot - ORBX EGSG Stapleford airfield in Essex, UK. The cow looks particularly happy to be starring. Maybe a bit more left udder? Udder, rudder? Nope. Ok here's the pictures:

Next up we move to the sunny Mediterranean for our base training lessons where we first set eyes upon the Airbus as we bash the runway at Aerosoft Menorca LEMH:

The action moves to the foothills of the Alps next as we begin our long day of line training around Europe and meet in the crew room at JustSim Nice Cote D'azur in the south of France for a very strong black coffee as the sun is barely up:

Our first sector is euroJet's early morning service from Nice across to Geneva in Switzerland, where we shoot a stunning alpine arrival to FSDT's Geneva Cointrin Airport:

We've no time to waste though and with typical Swiss efficiency we are soon on our way to Milan for our next sector where the stunning Jetstream Designs Milano Linate airport awaits:

Having gulped down a genuine Italian espresso - we need one as our day is barely half over - it's time to depart for the beach once again as we take our A320 load of excited passengers down to Mallorca, the largest of the Spanish Balearic islands for a demanding LOC DME approach as the ILS is out of action today at Aerosoft Palma De Mallorca:


After a rather stressful turnaround in the middle of a busy Spanish summer, our APU dies and we lose our air conditioning. In order avoid a big delay, this means we have to start the engines using the crossbleed procedure before heading off back to Nice for tricky circle to land that won't upset Tina Turner, one of the Riveria's many wealthy residents.

The approach into Nice flies over the stunning France VFR - French Riviera VFR 3D, which adds satellite ground imagery with custom 3D objects for the region, including the famous wave-shaped Marina Baie des Anges complex that is used a visual reference point for our approach to runway 04L:

This covers all the sceneries up until the end of our first day of line flying around Europe. Stay tuned for the next update, including Berlin, Tenerife, Split, Dubrovnik, Salzburg, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Reykjavik!

Is there somewhere you'd like us to fly? Or an approach you'd like to see? Please comment below :) 


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  • Hi folks ,just to inform you Richard Druce passed away in September.He really enjoyed his flying !!!.Best wishes and thanks to all…..maybe there is a simulator in heaven…Ellen D

    Ellen Druce

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