A New Day...

As the day dawns, we start a new chapter for Airline2Sim. Welcome to our new home! We retired our clunky old Wordpress site off to the great internet scrapyard where it belongs and we're now hosted on a speedy new site with simpler navigation, a live chat bot and a simplified interface which will serve you better. We've upgraded from the middle seat in economy to a flat bed in first class! Now, where's the champagne?

If you're here to watch your previously purchased (before Dec 28 2020) Airline2Sim content, then remember that you'll need to take a minute to create an account first as your old username and password won't work here until you've done so. When we said we retired our old site, we really meant it, so read the information on the 'Logging In' page to see the few simple steps you need to take to get up and running.

Aside from new toys, the biggest and most exciting news for us is the addition of all-new and long awaited content for 2021 - our Airbus A320 Cadet Training Program. This is a scheduled release over 6 modules and a staggering 27 episodes, with new modules releasing each week. To get you started, we've got the first module of 6 videos/8 hours (almost as long as our entire Q400 Cadet Training Program!) ready to stream on demand. A download option will follow shortly for those who wish to keep them somewhere safe. 

Why have we staggered the release over a month? Well, a few good reasons really - one being that it gives you time to absorb the content as there is a lot! The first module alone would take a week to watch unless you're a serial binger. Secondly it gives us time to physically upload the content, as 27 HD master episodes that run to 25GB each takes a bit of time. Thirdly it also gives us time to finesse episodes, spot any bloopers or things that need improvement. All the episodes are essentially completed at this point, so post-production changes are relatively simple to make. 

What does the future hold? We've got some exciting plans for Airline2Sim in 2021 that were entirely scuppered by Covid in 2020, but we've found new ways to work that should mean we can move pretty fast from this point onwards. We're working on an exciting new schedule for the following aircraft:

  • 737 NG3/MAX
  • 747-400/-8
  • 787 
  • ATR 
  • Airbus A380
  • BAC/Aerospatiale Concorde

Plus, some exciting news about AuraSim, our long suffering Q400 Performance App and also our first foray into software development - Global VOX. Watch this space! 


It's great to be back and thanks for bearing with us while we worked through the challenges of 2020. Now let's get our pitch attitude nailed and rotate into 2021 with a good rate of climb! 




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