FMA Saves the Day

It's time for the release of Module Two of our Airbus A320 Cadet Training Program. As well as heading to the crew room in Nice, France for a full briefing of our day travelling across Europe, we finally get some fare paying passengers!

First up is euroJet flight 44U, our early morning service on the short hop across the Alps to Geneva in Switzerland. In real life, this is an absolutely stunning flight with amazing visuals and as we depart into a golden sunrise, we really capture the sense of being there.

FMA (Flight Mode Annunciator)

Before we get to Nice, we decided that some more training was needed. The FMA (Flight Mode Annunciator) is the display directly in front of the pilot at the top of the large screen known as the PFD (primary flight display)

Did you know that a huge percentage of errors caused by real world pilots are down to a concept known by accident investigators as 'mode confusion'?

We can help you avoid these real world traps.

In Episode Seven of our Airbus A320 Program, we dedicate a whole flight to understanding the FMA modes. It's a fairly complex subject but with our typical Airline2Sim-style graphics and conversational tone, we make it simple. First, we begin with a takeoff:

The Airbus uses a lot of clever technology to make takeoff a simpler, safer process - namely SRS (Speed Reference System) and RWY (runway mode). We fully explain these modes and how they work, along with a demonstration of how they are used:

Critical Safety Speeds

Next we move onto the critical safety speeds for takeoff, and how they are managed in the Airbus.


SRS System

After takeoff, the SRS system kicks in and starts commanding a suitable pitch angle for the initial climb. We'll show you why your speed may be greater than the V2+10 that the SRS system is targeting:


The Difference Between MANAGED and SELECTED

Finally, once the takeoff is completed, we take you on a full walk-through of all the active and armed modes of the FMA, so you really know what the Airbus is trying to tell you, including the crucial differences between MANAGED and SELECTED modes:


Module Two Content

In addition to FMA Modes, we've also added the following content to your account: 

Ep8 Nice Airport Crew Room Briefing

It's time for our day of line flying around Europe, so join us in the crew room before sunrise in Nice for a comprehensive look at the day ahead.

Ep9 Nice to Geneva Setup

It's time to wake our A320 from cold and dark as we set up for our short hop to Geneva

Ep10 Nice to Geneva Flight

We've finally got fare paying passengers on board, so watch as we make our way up through the Alps for a fascinating ILS arrival into Geneva

Ep11 Geneva to Milan

Once safely on the ground in Geneva there's no time to waste, as we're quickly on our way to Milan. En route we run into some hazardous summer storms. Learn how to safely dodge them and give a smooth ride.


We hope you're loving the Airbus A320 program so far and look forward to updating you on Module 3, focusing on 'Circle to Land', next week. 



  • Can you please talk more about alt const in app nav and final modes. Also if you can explain why when alt* is engages, the vs doesn’t work anymore.

  • Episode 7 // FMA Modes // A320 Cadet Training Program v2

    Can you pls. make this available for full screen

    Árni Árnason

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