A Warm Welcome Back

There's nothing quite like being warmly welcomed back into the kind company of old friends, and that's exactly what the past twenty four hours have felt like.

Since launching our Boeing 777 Program life became rather turbulent on a personal level and as you can imagine, that made it tough to focus on creative projects that we pride ourselves on putting our heart and soul into.

When customers react to the launch of our brand new A320 Airbus Cadet Program by turning down a discount code and insisting they pay full price, we know we haven't just created a much loved product .. but that we've been warmly embraced back into the fold of this amazing community - thank you Eric.

In fact, thanks all of you for taking the time to message, comment and email us since we launched our new platform. I'm a little blown away by your feedback to say the least. 

The New Year is going to be very different. Not only have we ended 2020 on a high by launching what I believe to be our BIGGEST and BEST program to date, we also have lots more ideas in the pipeline for 2021 - some of which I know you've already been asking about .. so watch this space! 

Our mission with the new Airline2Sim website was to create a sleeker, cleaner, more simplified experience on a beautiful platform that offers stunning looks as well as excellent performance capabilities. 

We want to build this community to make the experience more personal and interactive to you, and promise to be much more easily accessible on the new Live Chat function as well as in the Facebook Group. 

The purpose of this note to you is to acknowledge and thank you for bearing with us, to reassure you that we're here to answer any questions, and to assure you of great things to come in the months and years ahead.  

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