The Best Airbus?

Lots of you are asking - which is the best Airbus to fly in the sim? Opinions, so the saying goes, are like backsides  - everyone has one. But I'll give it a go!

FSLabs A320 Best Airbus Simulator Prepar3D Airline2Sim

For Prepard3D v4/v5:

  1. Flight Sim Labs Airbus A319/20/21 - this is the one we used for the filming and is by FAR the most comprehensive Airbus simulation in existence. Highly recommended! 
  2. Aerosoft A319/20/21 Professional - a less complex simulation, but still a decent Airbus experience for those wanting a simpler aircraft. Note that there are some compatibility issues in Prepar3D v5. 
Tollis A319 Best Airbus Simulator X-Plane11 Airline2Sim

For X Plane 11:

  1. Tollis Airbus A319/21 - lacks some system modelling compared to the Flight Sim Labs Airbus (and even the Flight Factor version for XP) but overall is a very comprehensive Airbus experience and is rewarding to fly. Great frame rates, a good looking model and quick customer support make this our Airbus of choice in X-Plane 11. 
  2. Flight Factor A320 Ultimate - Great systems modelling and a solid effort by Flight Factor. Can be tougher on FPS than the Tollis Airbus though and the visual model is showing its age inside the flight deck in some areas.
flybywire A32NX Best Airbus Simulator MSFS Airline2Sim


  1. FlyByWire A32NX - MSFS is an amazing visual next-gen simulator and includes a stunning Airbus to compliment our 27 episode training syllabus. While there are some limitations to the systems depth and displays of the default Airbus, community group FlyByWire have created a modded version which is improving every single day. While it lacks some of the features of the most advanced Airbus simulators available for Prepar3D and X-Plane 11, the A32NX is definitely shaping up to be a fantastic Airbus platform - and it's free!  


Which is your favourite Airbus? Post in the comments below. 




  • I use the MFSF FlyByWire A32NX

    Jean-Pierre Audet
  • Been flying Aerosoft version for some time; just purchased FSL version so I can get a more comprehensive experience along with the videos.

    Eric Dziura
  • FSLABS A320 for me

    A J

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