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PMDG Boeing 777 Cadet

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Course description

The Boeing 777 is the wide-body that changed aviation and brought long haul on just two engines to the world. PMDG recreated this amazing twin-jet down to the last screw and nut so there’s only one way to really learn how to fly it – from someone who did it for real! We’ve got a veteran 777 Captain with a 36 year long career from a US major to show you the ropes!

Over 24 pin sharp HD videos totaling almost 20 hours, we take you on a journey that spans the globe and takes in some of the most challenging aspects of flying the 777. From the shimmering blue seas and volcanoes of Hawaii to the thick fog of a Munich winter, monsoon storms in Hong Kong, blowing sands of Doha to the twinkling lights of a warm San Francisco evening, you’ll see how to fly the 777 to a huge variety of destinations.

From your first takeoff and engine start to flight planning, fuel burn, long and short haul, we will take you from the shortest scheduled 777 flight in Hawaii which lands on a tiny runway to one of the longest that spans the globe and ends with a tricky visual circle to land maneuver. Every 777 operating procedure is covered, along with shooting RNAV procedures, ILS approaches, go-arounds, noise abatement, FMC programming, performance planning and more, this is simply the ultimate resource for 777 fans.


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