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Airport2Sim Amsterdam

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Course description

Airport2Sim is a new training series based around teaching you how to operate to and from complex and challenging airports, along with bonus bespoke GSX files and other customisations to allow gate operations to happen without scenery conflicts.

Enormous mega hubs such as this can be incredibly intimidating to fly to and from with no prior knowledge. Where do I park? Which airlines use which gate? Will your aircraft even fit in the gate? Where do I taxi? Which runway, departure, or arrival procedure out of the many available should I use?

This is the first release from our new product line – Airport2Sim – which teaches you everything you need to know about operations at complex and challenging airports. Over six beautifully produced videos tutorials, our real world pilot James McDonald walks you through everything you need to know about this vast airport.

We have also include in the download package a comprehensive information sheet about every airliner gate at the entire airport, detailing which aircraft from the many in use in the simulator community will fit into each gate, along with parking information and any NOTAMS that you may need to know about.

FInally, we have bundled an extensively reworked GSX configuration file with the airport. This adds SODE gates for super-accurate docking every time, correct stop points on the parking position, reworked ground vehicle positioning to prevent conflicts with the scenery and reworked and re-labelled push-backs to push you back successfully every time.

We’ve even retired the marshaller from almost every gate and replaced him with hand placed GSX SAFEDOCKS at every position that not only sense your aircraft type but give you an accurate read out of the distance left to the final parking position.

Our award winning training programs have enabled you to master complex aircraft such as the Majestic Bombardier Q400 and the PMDG Boeing 777. Now we aim to help you master real world operations at complex airports like this!

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