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Airport2Sim Greek Islands

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Course description

Airport2Sim is a new training series based around teaching you how to operate to and from complex or challenging airports, along with bonus bespoke GSX files and other customisations to allow gate operations to happen without scenery conflicts.

In this beautifully shot HD video series, our real world 717 and 747 pilot Nick Collet walks you through everything you need to know about flying into and out of the highly challenging airports of Samos, Corfu and Skiathos in the Greek Islands!

These are some of the most difficult airports to fly into and out of in the world. There is no ILS landing system to find your way to the airfield, the runways are either short and/or narrow, have terrain at each end or to the sides, present challenging visual approaches in daylight, let alone at night! Whichever way you look at it, these are airports that demand your 100% attention. The airports we cover are:

Skiathos: famously very short, narrow runway. Visual approach and departures usually offered. NDB approach at night or in poor weather. We’ll show you all the procedures here in a variety of aircraft, along with a demonstration of why takeoff performance is vital, along with the ground features that are used by real pilots on visual approches here.

Corfu: VOR approach to relatively short runway. Difficult circling approach in use 25% of the time with no published procedure. High terrain to the north and multiple procedures which are confusing. We show you how it’s done so you can ace Corfu every time!

Samos: one of the most difficult airports to operate into in the world! Visual approach due to terrain on one side and Turkish airspace to the other. Tight circling approach to both runways by visual means, all of which is represented in the sim. Night approaches usually prohibited by most operators. This one has it all – hang on to your Captain’s hat!

Get your big boy pants on for this one, Greece and its beautiful yet scary island airports await….

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