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PMDG Boeing 777 First Officer

Course description

Ok so you’ve got your head around the Boeing 777. You get that VNAV PTH is good, you understand why HOLD means you can grab those thrust levers and you’re all over the FMC drag factor. You’ve nailed that tricky Quiet Bridge Visual into San Fran. So what’s next?

Well, it’s time to go long haul. The longest of long hauls almost, as we fly from Dubai to Newark, New Jersey and cross over Iran, Central Asia and Europe before getting our Oceanic clearance to cross the Atlantic. Watch and learn all about ETOPS and the Track system as we do everything to ensure that if things go bad in the middle of a chilly night in the North Atlantic we won’t end up sleeping with the fishes. As our marathon 15 hour flight comes to a close into New York, we enter some of the busiest airspace in the world for a challenging RNP RNAV approach into Newark where our flying will have to be very precise indeed to keep ATC from yelling at us.

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Course contents

Course contents

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