About Us

What is Airline2Sim?

We make high quality video tutorials to help you operate some of the most sophisticated add-on aircraft available for Microsoft Flight Simulator/Prepar3D and X-Plane.

How do I view your content?

Simply browse our training courses, pick one you want to watch and you can purchase with our seamless payment process. After that, it’s yours to download and watch in HD forever!

 Do you sell your content elsewhere?

Yes, we sold our debut product – the Q400 Cadet Training Program – in a variety of places elsewhere online, including Vimeo on Demand, Simmarket, Just Flight and the Flight Sim Store. Customer information for those sales is not available to us so you will need to contact the original reseller in order to download and watch again.

If you wish to add a Program purchased elsewhere to your account on this website then please contact us with proof of your purchase and we will add it free of charge.

I bought the Q400 Cadet Program  from Vimeo on Demand, does my Vimeo username work on your site?

No, your transaction was with Vimeo and not us, so you’ll need a totally separate account to purchase and view here. If you contact us with proof of your Vimeo on Demand purchase, we will add the Q400 Cadet Program to your account here free of charge.

Does my username for Aurasim, the Q400 performance calculator, work here also?

Aurasim is a separate site for the time being. We are looking to combine the user IDs so that you can use a single ID for all Airline2Sim Group products but this is not yet implemented.

The charts that you show on screen during the videos, where can I get them from?

All our charts are from Navigraph, who offer amazingly detailed and clear charts that are virtually identical to those used by real airlines around the globe. Charts are an integral part of operating any aircraft and are a must have for our training programs and the real world.

They are produced with kind permission of Jeppesen and are copyright protected.

Flight simulation charts can differ to those in the real world and may not be updated as regularly and therefore MUST NOT BE USED FOR REAL WORLD NAVIGATION. 

How big are the files?

Pretty big. In HD, up to 3 or 4GB each for longer videos. If you’re struggling with internet speed, you can download lower quality versions too, but our work is best viewed in HD.

Who are your pilots?

They’re from all over the world, having worked for airlines such as BA, United, Flybe, TUI, easyJet and many others. All of them are hugely experienced in a variety of aircraft.

Is your training endorsed by any airline or training provider?

No, although we aim to create training programs that closely mimic the real world, many procedures are altered or abbreviated due to the limitations of the desktop simulator and are NOT intended as a substitute for real world training. That said, many real world pilots have used our training material as a good way to get up to speed with a new aircraft, and once or twice they've got in touch to say that we covered things that their airline trainers did not! 

How much can I learn?

Lots. There’s no long, boring manuals to read. You just watch, listen and learn. You’ll see things being done by a real world airline pilot and a flight simmer as closely as is possible to the way it’s done in the real aircraft.

Isn’t there stuff like this on YouTube for free?

There is, but none of them have the depth and detail of ours. Look, flying an complex aircraft is hard . Very few Youtubers are actually pilots and most have never even sat in the flight deck of a real 777, A320 or Q400. Even the Youtubers who are real pilots rarely have the time to make the kind of content that our programs offer. We have a team including real pilots who spend months making each one of our programs. Imagine having access to a real Dash 8, Boeing or Airbus pilot in the comfort of your own home to guide you step by step to fly his or her aircraft, from the first moment you climb the steps to a variety of life threatening situations such as engine fires and failures. We’ve won awards, our viewers rate us with 5 stars and we’ve achieved critical acclaim from some of the biggest names in the flight simulation industry. Our reviews tell the story...