Greek Islands Episode Summary


Meet First Officer Nick Collett – our training pilot for this series. With a career spanning flight sim to the 717 and now the 747-400F and -8F, he knows his stuff. Here we find out about his busy aviation career to date, including his ‘perfect’ flying moment, involving a 747 and a famous Pacific North West mountain…


It’s time to buckle up as we head to the stunning Greek island of Skiathos, where the cast of Mamma Mia flew into to film on the neighbouring island of Skopelos. Skiathos has a famously short and narrow runway and a challenging variety of approaches and departures. The visual approach is the most fun, and we’ll show you how it’s done with landmarks on the ground, as used by real world pilots.


Next we take a hop to the other side of Greece, to the island of Corfu. The filming location for the Bond film ‘For Your Eyes Only’, you’ll need more than a licence to kill to fly here. With a runway that’s not as long as it looks, towering terrain all around, more approaches than a you can shake (not stir) a Vodka Martini at and no ILS – this is not a place to show up unprepared. Nick shows you how to ace that circle to land on to runway 17…


If by now your pilot nerves aren’t frazzled enough, we saved the hardest until last! Samos is a tiny island tucked right into the corner of the Med. With Turkish airspace only a stone’s throw away, you need to watch what you’re doing here. Add to that a visual approach over land with rising terrain that leads you to a big greenhouse and a turn that levels out practically at the edge of the runway, you don’t want to get this one wrong. We’ve got you covered with tuition that only real world pilots get!