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Don’t just take our word for it.

Here’s what others say about the Airline2Sim Training Programs:


’When it comes to value for money, it’s almost unbeatable. The production value is as exceptional as you have come to expect from Airline2Sim. The inclusion of a full GSX file which fixes many of the issues at the scenery is worth the entry price alone. You have just shy of 3 hours of high-quality video content – all of which professionally edited, superb sound quality and great visuals. For the price of a couple of cups of coffee ($9.99), you’re going to get some great entertainment from the package.

Suffice to say, I enjoyed my time with Airport2Sim Amsterdam. I picked up many great tips and best of all, it made me feel part of the experience. I binged watched the entire series in an afternoon and feel confident I can taxi around Amsterdam Airport Schiphol airport feeling pretty knowledgeable and also with a much better understanding without ever feeling overwhelmed.’


‘Absolutely loving this.  Purchased the AOA 777 training some time ago and it didn’t click at all, but listening to the two of you has made learning about the 777 so much more interesting. A very good gentle pace and extremely informative, mixed with just the right amount of humour. So looking forward to the rest of the training.  This is top notch.’


‘Ben, what can I say, sitting hear in Sydney Australia and Episode 2 is worth the price on its own. Just got rid of my stutters on P3D. Probably everyone knew but me but episode two is great information. Thanks buddy. 3 and 4 tonight.’

Bjoern S:

‘Congrats for this great release. It is pure joy to listen to you and Captain Ashcraft and watch you both flying the aircraft. I am eagerly waiting for these other videos to be released soon.  Please keep up the good work.  Thanks a lot and happy new year from Germany.’


‘This is top notch compared to the Angle of Attack 777 training. The AOA 777 had a lot of videos on theory, but little on actual practice. So definitely I would say Airline2Sim fills in the gaps where AOA 777 left off… and being able to download videos without having to pay a $20/month perpetual subscription on top of the subscription itself is an improvement.’

Gregg Siepp:

‘I bought it today and it’s filled a lot of gaps in my knowledge.  Really, really a nice course.’

Anders Gron:

‘Absolutely! Fantastic phenomenal work!!!

I just watched the tour of flight deck 1-3… Very nice done, and extremely informative. Also, I must really give credit to the PMDG team. The thoroughness and depth of the system modelling (this was electric, hydraulic and bleed systems which where shown) is quite amazing, really… I was really amazed and surprised at the details (and so was Myron at some point (won’t spoil anything!) )…

Thanks again, Ben! Looking forward to the line-flying also.’


Bailey Love:

‘Ben and the rest of the Airline2Sim crew, I thought the Q400 courses were awesome but what can I say about the 777 course? Wow. Excellent tutorial and quality. Well done.’

Ian Kalter:

‘Just watched the first video and I can already tell you knocked it out of the park again with this series. On to the second video!

Jonathan Daley:

‘Hi Guys, just wanted to say I’m blown away with your 777 cadet program. The fact how easy it is to view is fantastic especially for someone like me who likes things clean and easy. Thanks for all your hard work.’

Santiago de Larminat:

‘Finished watching all available videos and I’m delighted. Ben, you’ve done a remarkable job here, very insightful and I felt that Capt Ashcraft was all-in for this.

Among the the best is the high quality didactic technique by Myron, you can tell he was an instructor in different parts of his career. Exceptional stuff and, I have to say, my first foray into Airline2sim training videos; I will definitely go for the Q after this one. Well done!’


‘I bought it yesterday and after watching the first two episodes i already know that my money was well spent here! Absolutely amazing stuff with a wealth of invaluable information and interesting background stories.
Your radio voice combined with Myron’s knowledge and experience is a match made in heaven, very pleasant and joyful to watch/listen to.
Congrats Ben, way to go! Thats how you do paid video content!
Your upcoming FSL A320 series will be an instant buy for me!’

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